We find the right material strategy for your ecodesign challenge. We support your transition from a linear to the circular economy.


We are the official partner of Plastics for Change. The world first fair trade certified plastic recycler. What recycled plastics are you looking for?


We use (your) waste materials to develop customized compounds. See how we transformed fashion waste into cloth hangers below.


We produce and supply your customized compounds or semi finished products. Turnkey material solutions – from idea to reality!

We develop and supply
high quality materials

using waste streams
and renewable resources.

From consuming to regenerating

On a planet with limited resources we have to transform linear into circular material flows.

Our custom made materials from post-consumer waste are saving preciouse resources, energy and CO2 emissions.

Our principles:

  • Use what we already have
  • Decrease new plastic emission
  • Design for recycling
  • Reduce product carbon footprint

See how we help our clients to use waste as a resource.

Circular Materials Logo
Clothes hanger made from textile waste
Case study

Turning fashion waste into hangers

A leading hanger producer challenged us to recycle post-consumer fashion waste into cloth hangers.

Resource: Germany collects more than 150 truck loads of unwanted clothes. Every day! We used the sorted out, non reusable fraction and transformed it into injection moldable fiber-pellets.

Circular Material: The fiber-pellets are added to the resin at the hanger production site. We replace the virgin polypropylen resin with a post-consumer recycled one.

Application: The industries first Circular Hanger! Made out of 100% recycled content. 100% recyclable. At the end-of- life the hangers get collected, regrinded and injected back into new hangers again.

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